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Cleaning Tips

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Stop dirt at the door by using mats and removing shoes


Vacuum daily to eliminate dirt buildup that reinforces traffic patterns and wears in stains


Clean promptly for best results. The longer a stain sits the more difficult it becomes to clean.


Routine carpet cleanings will remove all oil and dirt to prevent permanent damage. Sand and grit will accumulate at the fibers base before it is seen on the surface. This can cause faster wear and fiber breakdown. Cleaning frequency can vary from home to home depending on occupants and pets. Call today to set up a evaluation to determine correct cleaning frequency for your specific scenario.


DuPont® Carpet protection with teflon will prevent future spills and accidents from staining the carpet. A simple paper towel blotting will remove most liquids that have spilled on protected carpet


Always use a white cloth as colors can bleed into the carpet, work from the outside inwards using your favorite neutral spotter. Don’t be too aggressive as this can fray and damage fibers, and be patient. Spotting is a delicate process and can be very time intensive. If you find that no color is transferring to your cloth stop the process and call us. Using the wrong solutions or temperatures can set a stain, potentially bleach the area or make it permanent. If you are not comfortable attempting to remove the stain the safest option is to call immediately while the stain is fresh to avoid damage.

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